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Local Retail Plaza In Burlington Will Likely Be Converted Into Residential Property. | Working In Peel Halton

Local retail plaza in Burlington will likely be converted into residential property. Click Here to Read More.

The Perks of Living Close to the Public Market - News - Bubblews

Residential neighborhoods that stretch from Union Station to the D.C. Armory include pockets that have been zoned for commercial use. Neighbors think their blocks zoning dates to the 1890s, when the nearby Car Barn condominium complex was used to store and repair streetcars. D.C. Office of Zoning Director Sara Bardin said the zoning hasnt changed since at least 1958.

Under zoning code, few restrictions on what can be built on NE property - The Washington Post

According to google maps, we are hunian only about 400 meters away from this junction. Just near that area lies the major public market of the town. My wife and I walk to the market to buy our food and shop for some groceries on a daily basis. It's like the hitting two birds with one stone. We get fresh food as well as our daily exercise. With this set up, our refrigerator is running out of usefulness fast.

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